nedeľa 13. septembra 2015

Telefonplans Funkionalismen

Functionalism, in architecture, refers to the tendency to accustom the shape of a building primarily to its function. In my Masters thesis, where I studied the parallels between fashion and architecture, a garment design, yealding foremostly towards its functionality was one of the three pillars of timelessness in fashion that I established.
   The form of an object should follow its function and it should be a bare expression of its inward function; the function or purpose of an object should dictate its shape. One of my favourite fashion/architecture theoreticians, Mark Wigley adds to this: “[…] clothing […] must resist the pull of fashion. It may be a style, but that style emerges spontaneously from a rigorous concern with function” (p.166 in White Walls, Designer Dresses. The Fashioning of Modern Architecture).
   I myself, when making decisions regarding choosing clothing, always look on the functionality first. On what occasions and on what frequency, in what contexts will I be able to wear that specific garment. 
   Funcionality in garments however, as I believe, is both a subjective and an objective merit, which means that it is up to the wearer to develop it and sustain it preferably for the duration of their whole lifetime.
   But back to Telefonplan´s functionalism.
   Telefonplan, as the name sugessts, was built as as factory, creating Ericsson phones. It was built between 1938 and 1940 by architect Ture Wennerholm. The production in Telefonplan was stopped in the beginning of 2000s, when the art and design university Konstfack moved here, along with Försäkringskassan´s (national insurance company) headquarters. From then on, the area started attracting some independent design and architecture studios, so I believe that in a couple of years, perhaps a decade, the area will be strongly gentrified and will become one of the most attractive places to live in Stockholm.

Coordinates: 59° 17′ 59″ N, 17° 59′ 39″ E

Wearing:  Back leather skirt with huge safety pin, Acne cotton mesh top, Volcom swimmies top

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