nedeľa 18. októbra 2015

Stadsträdgården Uppsala

Uppsala, the fourth larges Swedish city is famous for its university and for research facilities in general. The city has officialy 140 000 inhabitants (2010), however, I believe this number is in much larger in reality, if you count all the students in.
When walking around on Sunday afternoon, you might well ending up as the only person actually walking, as everyone uses bikes here on all occasions. So when outside, you have to mind your step not to walk over the bike route.
The city is quite charming, in its sleepy way, but if you want to have some (cheap) fun, you can spend your evenings in one of them student pubs, called "nationer" / "nations". You become a member of these nations as a student. In the evenings, you show your student card on the entrance of a bar, meaning your account status won´t get very damaged during the night. If you are no longer a student, you can still pay for your membership in the nationer and use their advantages.
The summer has now definitely gone, which means it´s good time to get wrapped in them cosy wooly mixtures.
Coordinates: 59° 51′ 9″ N, 17° 38′ 33″ E

Wearing: BACK cotton and cashmere blend knit wide trousers & polo, wool dogtooth scarf